Alexis Jakarta Waterfront Hotels

Alexis Jakarta Waterfront Hotels.In a financial climate where every penny counts, many people who once spent their every spare moment flying off to exotic locations now find themselves struggling to find the cash for one short break a year. But while it can be easy to despair of seeing the world when funds are short, with the right planning a foreign break can be surprisingly affordable.

One mistake that many holidaymakers repeatedly make is to book cheap flights without paying much thought to the price of accommodation at their destination. Many destinations served by budget airlines, including Paris and Rome, are easy to reach on a small budget but the accommodation options are eye-wateringly high in price. Similarly, that bargain rail far to London may not seem like such a great deal once confronted with the prices of hotels in the city.

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In order to find breaks that will actually end up being financially viable, it often pays to look beyond the obvious tourist destinations, where already high prices tend to skyrocket during busy tourist seasons, and instead look to those locations that have yet to make it onto the major tourist trails.

This doesn’t have to been heading out to the back of beyond or holidaying in locations that are unattractive, instead it can mean the satisfaction of discovering a destination before it has been spoiled by mass tourism, and getting cheap deals on hotels into the bargain. Alexis hotel this attractive coastal capital city offers many interesting sights and